MusicNomad Fretboard F-one Oil (MN105) (EAN:0857047002128)

Category: Accessori per strumenti musicali Brand: MusicNomad
11.9 EUR - 11.9 EUR
MusicNomad Fretboard F-one Oil (MN105), Fingerboard Oil, Cleans, cares, protects and preserves the fingerboard, Makes the fingerboard look like new, Provides excellent playability and a smooth feel, Produced from a complex blend of ultra-refined tree and seed oils (100% natural oils), Free from lemon oil extracts, waxes, mineral oil distillates, silicones and water, Specially developed 'clean' applicator, Penetrates wood and dries quickly, Safe to use on all unvarnished rosewood, ebony and maple fingerboards, Pleasant smell, Contents: 60 ml (2 oz.)